Dogs’ incredible sense of smell is indisputable.  These tail-waggers are not only adorable pets, they have also been used for centuries for hunting because their noses are much better at finding prey or food than ours.  Today, specially-trained dogs help us find everything from bombs to illegal drugs, and even diseases such as diabetes and certain cancers, by simply using their sniffers!

Dogs’ abilities to sniff out cancers has been reported over the years.  There was case involving a Border Collie/Doberman Pinscher mix that relentlessly sniffed and nipped at a single mole on her owner’s leg which turned out to be malignant.  Another case was that of Nancy Best and her dog Mia which kept on sniffing and pouncing on her right breast.  When Nancy examined the spot, she noticed a lump.  Her doctor recommended a biopsy which came back positive of Stage II breast cancer. Continue reading

Prostate cancer is a serious disease that affects the prostate, that walnut-sized gland responsible for producing semen.  It is the most common non-skin cancer among men and the second-leading cause of cancer death in men.  The cause of this malignant menace remains unknown but experts suggest it is likely to be a complex mix of multiple factors including age, genetics, race, diet and lifestyle.

If the prospect of incontinence, erectile dysfunction and testicular pain (the common symptoms of prostate cancer) scare you, start taking care of your jizz-maker while you still can.  While we cannot stop the aging process or alter our genetic makeup, we can very much change some aspects of our lifestyle to lower our risk to prostate cancer.  We list down some preventative measures that will help keep your precious gland in tip top shape and lethal cancer at bay. Continue reading

Self pleasure is a very common sexual act for most men.  Whether single or in a relationship, majority of healthy men engage in this one-handed activity for quick gratification as well as for a host of other reasons including relief from stress, getting better sleep and eliminating risk of STDs.

An extensive study conducted by the Harvard Medical School gives men more reason to justify their self-sex habits or ejaculation in general.  Findings of the 18-year-long survey involving 32,000 men (3,839 of whom were diagnosed with prostate cancer during the time) reveal that guys who masturbate, engage in sex and ejaculate almost every day have a lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Continue reading

Did you know that a large number of men and women think they suffer from dandruff when in fact they have dry scalp?  And we bet most of them don’t even know the difference!  Blame it on irresponsible advertising which brainwashed us to grab a bottle of anti-dandruff shampoo the instance white flakes start falling off our heads.  Unfortunately, using the wrong treatment can make either of the conditions worse.

While dandruff and dry scalp may both exhibit flaking accompanied by itching scalp, there is a huge difference between them.  Read on and help identify what condition you are suffering from and how to best deal with it. Continue reading

It all started with a joke posted on Reddit. A user shared a cartoon detailing the experience of a male friend who found an unused pregnancy test in his medicine cabinet, took the test for laughs, and surprisingly got two lines.

While the post aimed at soliciting a few laughs, comments advising the user to tell the friend to get tested for testicular cancer soon poured in. Apparently, getting positive results when you are a male is no laughing matter.  Here’s why: men with testicular tumors have beta human chorionic gonadotrophin (beta-HCG), the same hormone present in pregnant women and which causes a positive result on a home pregnancy test. Continue reading

The word “manspreading’ has recently caused a stir because of the New York’s Metropolitan Transit Authority’s (MTA) new campaign discouraging men from sitting with their legs so far apart that they take multiple seats in public trains and buses. The initiative was welcomed by commuters, mostly women, children and elderly folks, who fell victims to these inconsiderate space hoggers.

Apart from monopolizing seats and invading personal spaces, feminist groups also argue that manspreading is a crime against women as the “offenders” either consciously or unconsciously assert their “male privilege.”  As a result, many women would rather stand in the train than sit beside a guy who thinks his dick is too big it deserves a seat of its own. Continue reading

A perfectly knotted necktie is a mark of a true gentleman. Being a staple accessory for both formal and casual occasions, it is important for men to have the basic skills in tying a necktie. Below are basic knots and instructions on how to do them. Knowing how to tie a tie will take you up a notch in the fashion department whether you wear it for a job interview, a hot date or a wedding.

Four-in-Hand Knot
This small, slightly asymmetrical knot is one of the simplest and easiest to learn. In fact, it’s one of the first knots taught to young boys . It is best worn with narrow collars and suited for casual occasions. Because it is easy to adjust and easy to take off, the Four-in-Hand Knot is excellent for beginners and guys on the go. While a classic, the asymmetrical knot makes it inappropriate for formal situations. Continue reading

Whether you call it penis, cock, dick, pecker, tool, member, schlong or manhood, the male reproductive organ is as important as any other part of a man’s body. But since it plays a very important role in sexual functions, it is easily one of the most treasured organ among guys.

Apart from its important role in biological functions, the penis can also be a source of pride to the hung and a woe for the not-so-gifted. Unfortunately, many men only know these common facts about their private parts and nothing more. Below are some interesting information about the penis that most men are clueless about. Continue reading