Get ready in a jiffy with the world’s fastest shoelace knot

tying your shoelaces

Are you an “Around The Tree” or “Bunny Ears” type of guy? Whatever shoelace tying method you mastered as a child, I’m sure you can do it even with your eyes closed. But did you know that there is a better and faster way to tie your shoelaces other than the above mentioned methods?

It is called the “Ian Knot”, dubbed as the world’s fastest shoelace knot. Also sometimes referred to as the “Magic Fingers,” this shoelace tying technique was “invented” by no less than Ian Fieggen, aka “Professor Shoelace,” an IT professional obsessed with tying shoelaces efficiently (google ‘shoelace’ and his website will pop up on top!). The “Ian Knot” involves making a loop with both ends and simultaneously pulling them through each other to form an almost instant knot. But that sounds like how the other techniques are done too!

I guess the best way to learn this method is via a demonstration. Watch the video below and let Professor Shoelace himself teach you the basics of the “Ian Knot.”

Fieggen claims that because the “Ian Knot” was tied much more quickly (about one third of the time a conventional knot requires!), the laces suffer less wear and tear and thus last longer. It also creates symmetrical bows that do not only look awesome, they also do not come undone quite easily.

What technique do you use to tie your shoelaces and how long does it take? Would you give the “Ian Knot” a go to save a few seconds of your time tying your shoelaces? Or learning a new method at this point is just a waste of time? Let us know your thoughts.